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Your new Federation of Gay Games Board 2017, taken at the Paris 2017 Annual general Assembly.
(Jeferson Sousa and Julie Williams were unable to be there).

A Diverse, Hard-Working, All-Volunteer, International Team

The FGG Board is all-volunteer and terms are two years long. Each member pays their own way to attend annual and mid-year meetings. Elections are held annually, with half the Board members on the ballot each year. That assures continuity among the membership. For example, the two Co-Presidents are elected in alternating years.

 Name Role Location   Term
 Joanie Evans  Co-President  London, United Kingdom  2019
 Sean Fitzgerald  Co-President  Vancouver BC, Canada  2018
 Les Johnson    
 VP of External Affairs  Washington DC, USA  2018
 Bill McManus  VP of Member Service  Rehoboth Beach DE, USA  2019
 Kurt Dahl VP of Production Chicago / Ft. Lauderdale, USA 2018
 Ben Keller  VP Operations  Washington DC, USA  2019
 Ken Hundrieser  Secretary  Chicago IL, USA  2018
 Mike Myers  Treasurer  Howell MI, USA  2018
 Eddie Young  Officer of Ceremonies  Atlanta GA, USA  2019
 R. Tony Smith  Officer of Communications  Denver CO, USA  2018
 Anthony Alston  Officer of Culture  Seattle WA, USA  2018
 Daniel Holland  Officer of Development  Toronto ON, Canada  2019
 Sophia Rodriguez Officer of Diversity  Austin TX, USA  2019
 Armin Lohrmann  Officer of Host Relations  Cologne, Germany  2018
 Leviathen Hendricks  Officer of International Development  London, United Kingdom  2019
 Doug Litwin  Officer of Marketing  Sausalito CA, USA  2019
 Julie Williams  Officer of Human Resources  Melbourne, Australia  2018 
 David Killian  Officer of Site Selection  Philadelphia PA, USA  2019
 Martha Ehrenfield  Officer of Sport  San Francisco CA, USA  2018
 Jan Schneider  Officer of Sport  Berlin, Germany  2019
 Carl Schultz  Officer of Technology  Chicago IL, USA  2018
 Viv Woodcock - Downey Officer at Large  Brighton, United Kingdom  2019
 Kimberly Hadley  Officer at Large  Edmonton AB, Canada  2018
 Jefferson Sousa Officer at Large  Florian√≥polis SC, Brazil  2019

Federation of Gay Games Board, taken at the 2018 mid-year meeting held in Philadelphia, PA USA.

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